Care & Maintenance



Upon Delivery

Outdoor furniture items manufactured by Woodcraft by Design have been lightly oiled before leaving the factory.

To condition the Macrocarpa timber prior to use, it is recommended that an additional single coat of oil is applied upon delivery, with a Wattyls Natural Teak Furniture and Decking oil.

Macrocarpa timber does contain its own natural preservative, which makes it suitable for outdoor furniture and New Zealand's normal weather conditions.

As every piece of furniture is located in, and exposed to, different weather conditions, which can vary from under shade cloths to exposed salt sea air, it becomes difficult for the manufacturer to recommend the correct oiling requirements.

The Next 6 months

Within the next 6 months it is recommended that the more oil applied to your new setting the longer the life expectancy of your furniture. In some instances, if it is heavily exposed to weather conditions, extra oiling may be required on the top surfaces of the furniture every 2 weeks. As all oils have a limited life span in exposed outdoor conditions, you will be required to personally assess your furniture and apply further oil when needed.


We do recommend that in some instances a mould-inhibitor may be required to attack any mould spores within the timber. Once again this is dependent upon the location of the furniture and its exposure to the weather conditions.

We do NOT recommend water-blasting as this can cause damage to the fine fibers of Macrocarpa timber, and therefore cause lasting damage to the furniture in general.

If there is any splitting or cracking of the furniture, it is our recommendation that it be given a light sand with 80 - 100 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface, followed with a 200 grit sandpaper to dress the timber ready for re-oiling and any antifungal treatment that may be required.

It is important to understand that any timber exposed to exterior weather conditions will have some form of timber movement. Regular re-oiling of your furniture will reduce and may prevent cracking, but there is no guarantee that it will.

Woodcraft by Design, does not cover for repairs, refinishing or replacements caused by the following

  1. Unreasonable or misuse of your furniture
  2. Chemical Stains and damages
  3. Exposure to extreme climate conditions
  4. Modifications by purchaser
  5. Changes in wood colour due to natural aging of wood
  6. Neglect of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance
  7. Normal wear and tear subject to weather and use

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